Skills and Star Player Points


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Skills and Star Player Points

Player advancement, upgrades and skills in Blood Bowl / Dungeonbowl is a complex area. The basic principles are simple, as described in the rulebook, but the details of what skills are available, how they are available, and what they do, have been tweaked a lot over the years.

For Dungeonbowl: AGE, there are two basic additions that are important when it comes to Star Player Points (SPPs). One is the addition of Dungeonbowl-specific ways that players can earn SPPs, and the other is the addition of Dungeonbowl-specific skills. These two additions can be added to any version of the core BB rules that you prefer, and are described further down on this page.

When it comes to the core rules for skills, the AGE league has used a set of skills that is based on the skill rules found in the BB LRB 1.2, but with home-grown modifications and additions to suit our personal preferences. The details of our skill lists are available through the two links below.

New Dungeonbowl-specific Star Player Point Awards

Add the following SPP awards to the normal list.

  • Opening a chest which contains a ball grants the player 2 SPPs.
  • Pushing an opposing model into a chasm, trap, lava square (not water), teleporter, or off an elevated ledge grants the player 1 SPP.

New Dungeonbowl-specific Skills

These skills are designed to work specifically with the features and terrain found in Dungeonbowl.

Acrobatics (Agility Skill)

When this player would be knocked down either 1) by falling, being pushed, or moving off an elevated platform, 2) by colliding with another player, or 3) by both combined, the player may make an unmodified AG roll. If the roll is successful, the player is not knocked down or injured by the fall or collision, though his activation ends if the player was in the middle of an activation.

Brace (General Skill)

When this player would be knocked down by an explosion, he is placed prone instead of being knocked down, which does not require an armour roll and does not cause a turnover.

Lightning Reflexes (Agility Skill)

When this player opens a chest or activates a trap square during his activation, he may move one square in any direction before the chest token or trap token is revealed and the effects activated, if he has enough movement to do so.

Sixth Sense (General Skill)

When this player steps onto a teleporter during his activation, or teleports into the dungeon from his dug-out, he may roll two dice and choose which result will be used for the teleportation.

AGE Fast-Track Skill Progression Table

In the DB:AGE league, the tendency has been for two coaches to each control about five teams at a time, because we are a small group and wanted to use all ten of the College teams. Combine this with the fact that we would play quite rarely, and that DB is played to only one touchdown, the result was that players would only gain new skills very slowly using the normal skill progression table. For this reason, we made up a fast-track progression table that we use instead, to make things a bit more fun in terms of getting to give our players upgrades.

The following table provides an alternative set of break points for the acquisition of new skills through SPPs.

0-5 SPP: 0 skills                                             6-10 SPP: 1 skill                                             

11-20 SPP: 2 skills                                         21-30 SPP: 3 skills                                         

31-45 SPP: 4 skills                                         46-60 SPP: 5 skills

61-80 SPP: 6 skills                                         81+ SPP: 7 skills

Last updated in March 2018