Dungeonbowl Teams, Races and Players


Expanded rules and hobby ideas for the board game of dungeon fantasy football

Dungeonbowl Teams, Races and Players

The following section focuses on the flavour and setting of Dungeonbowl, specifically how this relates to the original teams, how you create your own team, and all of the rules associated with this.

The original boxed game version of Dungeonbowl came with descriptions and rules for Dungeonbowl-specific teams and team-creation rules, and these pages describe how the original Dungeonbowl team rules have been adapted to the Astrogranite Edition ruleset.

There are four sub-sections in this section dealing with the nature of Dungeonbowl teams.

  • Dungeonbowl Team Profiles: This subsection presents the ten original Dungeonbowl teams, their College, race composition, team colours, and illustrations.

  • Basic Team Building Rules: This subsection explains how you assemble your own Dungeonbowl team, whether you are recreating one of the original iconic teams or making up your own. The section also introduces new supplementary rules for trading in old players when you hire new players.

  • College Teams and Player Lists: This section goes into detail about what races and player types are allowed on which types of College teams. The section also explains the rules for The Great Wheel of Magic, where the Colleges can be superior or inferior to each other and how this affects the game.

  • Dungeonbowl Star Players: This section contains rules for adding legendary players as guest stars to your Dungeonbowl games.

  • Skills and Star Player Points: This sections  outlines a selection of new skills and characteristics used by new player types and avaliable to players as upgrades, as well as new ways to earn Star Player Points (SPPs) in games of Dungeonbowl: AGE.

Note that nothing prevents you from ignoring this entire section, and playing Dungeonbowl using normal Blood Bowl teams as described in the Blood Bowl rulebook. However, Dungeonbowl takes on more character as a game setting in its own right when you actually treat Dungeonbowl teams as being different from Blood Bowl teams in both theme and rules.

Last updated in March 2018