Basic Team Building Rules


Expanded rules and hobby ideas for the board game of dungeon fantasy football

Dungeonbowl Basic Team Building Rules

The following team creation system is based on a wish for the ability to create different combinations of mixed race Dungeonbowl teams, combined with a wish for each college to have a unique flavour which is represented through a restriction on what races will play for each college.

To facilitate this, each college has a list of five races from which it can draw when hiring players for an AGE Dungeonbowl team.

Races and Player Types

A team can field up to three different races on the same team at any one time. However, the races must be distributed so that one of the races fits the so-called Primary Race template, meaning that it has an allowance of 0-16 players, another fits the Secondary Race template and has an allowance of 0-6 players, and the third fits the Tertiary Race template and has an allowance of 0-2 players.

Template overview:

  • Primary Race: 0-16 players
  • Secondary Race: 0-6 players
  • Tertiary Race: 0-2 players

What race is assigned to each template is not fixed, and the coach may change the assignment at any time, as long as the races on the team end up conforming to the restrictions given above. For example, if a team of 12 players can be divided by racial grouping into three groups of 8-2-2, then the Secondary and Tertiary Races both have two players to represent them and thus can be swapped around at will. What this means in practice is that the coach of the team does not have to decide which of the races he wants to be able to field six players from until he hires more than two such players, at which point that race automatically fills up the Secondary Race slot.

Similarly, if a team of 12 players can be divided into two groups of 6-6, then all three slots are up in the air – either of the two races already on the team can be Primary and Secondary Race as preferred, and the Tertiary Race slot is unoccupied and can be filled with any race available to that college.

For the list of races allowed to play for each College, see the Colleges and Race Selection page.

Each race that a team can field normally has one or more lineman positions and one or more specialist player positions on their specific race player roster as given below. A Dungeonbowl team may consist of any number of lineman players of any race, but no more than two specialist players of the same combination of race and position. So a Celestial College team would be allowed to field two Light Elf Throwers, two Grey Elf Throwers and two Common Elf Throwers all on the same team, but it wouldn’t be allowed to field six Light Elf Throwers. Note that many races, including all the special races like Ogres and Trolls, only have linemen positions available.

The minimum number of players on a starting team is six.

Team Re-rolls and Fan Factor

Team Re-rolls cost 50,000 gold each for all starting teams, with the cost being doubled for league teams once the league has started, as per the normal Blood Bowl rules.

Fan Factor costs 1,000 gold per point as normal, with a starting maximum of 9.

Coaching Staff

Cheerleaders and Assistant Coaches do not really work for Dungeonbowl teams, as they only affect the Kick-Off Table, unless a cunning league commissioner can make up some alternative rules for them. The same applies to the Team Wizard, who is meant to be used on a normal Blood Bowl pitch.

Apothecaries can be hired and used normally in Dungeonbowl, if the coaches or commissioner wish it so, even though all Dungeonbowl teams come with their own mini-apothecary in the form of the "Magic Sponge" (see the Basic Rules page).

Optional: Big Guy Teams

As explained on the Colleges and Race Selection page, each College has access to a “special race”, which is usually a big guy race, and this race is marked in cursive on the College race list. Normally, this special race can only be fielded as a Tertiary Race, i.e. it is not possible to have more than two such players on any given team. (Note that the Rainbow College has no special race.) However, if your commissioner wishes, you can allow for your league to allow Dungeonbowl Big Guy teams.

The rules for this are simple. If you choose that your team is a Big Guy team instead of a normal team, the special race of your college must always be your primary race, and the secondary and tertiary races on the team can only be selected from races where every player type has the Stunty or Titchy racial characteristics. All other rules remain the same.

Optional: Player Trading

To make it easier for coaches to take advantage of the flexibility in the college system, it is recommended to allow player trading to be used when hiring new players. The idea with this system is that when hiring a new player, instead of simply adding them to the team, you can choose to trade away one or more existing players on the team at the same time. When doing so, this reduces the paid cost of the new player by half of the cost of the old player, rounded up. For the purposes of trading, the old player’s cost is increased by 10,000 after halving for each SP roll the player has, and is reduced by 10,000 for each permanent injury the player has suffered.

The trading in of old players happens before the new player is recruited to the team, with the intent that if a player wishes to change out the races on their team, they can get a discount on this by trading in the players that they need to remove from the team to make space for the new races.

Last updated in March 2018