Grey Shadows vs. Storm Bolts - Feb 2013


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Dungeonbowl Game Report:

The Grey Shadows vs. The Storm Bolts

Coaches: Mark (Shadows), Lars (Bolts)

Once more, the dungeons were opened for another spectacle of Dungeonbowl for the entertainment of the viewers at home. The setup was the Grey Shadows, undefeated so far in two games, vs. a newly started Storm Bolts in their first game (and not 100% painted). The Shadows were Chaos Humans, Snotlings and Ogres, and the Bolts were Dark Elves, Orcs and Skaven.

Layout of the dungeon was approximately as shown below.

The Bolts had the superior speed due to the Dark Elves and Skaven, and moved out quickly to tag most of the chests they could get to. As the Shadows moved slowly out of their end zone, they teleported in their Ogre and some Snotlings. The Bolts opened a few chests and tried to guard some of the others, but found no ball, although one of the chests transformed into a Minotaur (suspiciously dressed in Grim Reapers colours) who started rampaging around in the middle of the dungeon, tying up and beating up Orcs and Chaos Humans alike.

The Shadows rumble out of their end zone.

Early on, the Ogre and a Snotling started moving towards a DE Lineman further down a passageway. As he couldn’t reach him, the Ogre decided to grab the Snotling and hurl it at the Elf like a projectile weapon. The throw was unfortunately inaccurate, and the Snotling ended up landing straight into a pit trap that was a few feet away from the Elf. If only this was basketball and not Dungeonbowl! The poor Snotling obviously had to be teleported away for medical attention.

The Minotaur bellows with rage as he charges towards a Dark Elf.

However, a Snotling proved to be one of the stars of the game a few turns later. The Bolts could only open one chest per turn, and when there was only two chests left, a Snotling managed to sneak past a Dark Elf to open one of them, which held the ball. The Snotling then picked up the ball and threw it at a Chaos Warrior across a chasm and down a hallway. This was too far to throw because the ceiling of the dungeon was too low, so the ball hit the stone floor and bounced around – and ended up bouncing into the hands of the Chaos Warrior, who caught it. After a round of applause, play continued, and the Bolts sprinted back towards their end zone to try and defend it from two Chaos Warriors and the Ogre who started homing in to protect the ball.

A Shadows Thrower tries to grab a Bolts Skaven Runner, but an Orc Blitzer whacks him over the head.

A fierce scuffle of moving and fighting broke out, as the Bolts kept blocking off the interceptors and attacking the ball carrier, but they just didn’t have the strength needed. One of the Chaos Warriors ended up thumping a DE Runner so hard that he broke his neck, sending him to the morgue rather than the apothecary. A few moments later, and the Shadows had their third victory.

A disastrous start for this incarnation of the Storm Bolts – with a dead Elf, no star player points at all, and only gaining 20,000 gold in revenue from the game, they were disbanded by their coach and will have to regroup at a later time with new funding. The Shadows carve another notch in their belt and continue onwards to new success, as they recruit a new Lineman to get a full lineup of 16 players and one of the Chaos Warriors having learned Mighty Blow during the game.

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