Blood Axes vs. War Hawks - Sep 2013


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Dungeonbowl Game Report:

The Blood Axes vs. The War Hawks

Coaches: Mark (Axes), Lars (Hawks)

The dungeon setup is shown below, and had two halves which were connected by two lava sections. In addition to having hot lava, the connecting areas were also booby-trapped, making them very difficult to cross safely. Underneath the dungeon ran a basement section accessible through secret passages, which was flooded with water and contained two chests and a teleporter.

Dungeon Setup

The Hawks won the first turn and moved swiftly through the dungeon opening chests while the Axes were slowly moving out of their zone, which was slightly further away from the center. However, the second and third chests opened by the Hawks both morphed into wandering monsters, first a Hell Hound and then a Stone Golem. Two Orcs started moving into the basement level through the secret passages, and a Human Bomber teleported down there with them, opening an exploding chest.

The Axes move out, after a Hawk Ogre has opened an exploding chest.

After a few scraps with the monsters up above, the Hawks started backing away and tried to get up to one of the two lava zones that allowed passage to the Axes' side of the dungeon. Not to be deterred, the Golem gave chase and blitzed the Hawk Centaur, smashing him into the lava and knocking him down.

At this point, things got odd. While the Hawks and Axes were facing off across the lava, the Hawks reeling from the Golem attack, the Hell Hound moved up and attacked the closest target, which happened to be the Golem. The Golem being the stronger monster, the Hell Hound was fended off and injured, driven off in disgrace. The Golem then turned and attacked a Chaos Dwarf Blitzer, but in a display of poor coordination, the Golem ended up smashing itself to pieces trying to get at the dwarf. All of a sudden, both monsters were gone as swiftly as they appeared.

The Hound attacks the Golem with the Centaur eating lava.

The War Hawks then turned to face their opponents. Trying to cross the lava, one Orc Lineman fell to the heat. An Orc Blitzer successfully crossed the lava and attacked an Axe Catcher, but failed to make an impact, and the Axes were blocking the rest from advancing too far. Still being close to the lava stream and clumped up, the counter attack from the Axes sent several Hawks back into the flames and KO'd, including their Centaur, and leaving the Hawk attack force decimated.

Meanwhile, an Orc Blitzer and Lineman had gone into the basement level and faced off down there between a Human Blitzer and a Human Bomber. The Human Blitzer had ST4 and was a formidable opponent, and fended off the opposition. He turned and opened the second chest, which morphed into another Stone Golem! The Golem's fist caught him by surprise, and smashed him to the ground, breaking his neck and killing him instantly. The Orcs looked on in horror and started backing away.

Up above, the Hawks had started regrouping at the centre of the dungeon, led by their Ogre and the Centaur who had been dabbed with the magic sponge and had come back from the injury box and teleported back in. However, the Axes teleported in some Dwarf Longbeards, led by a Longbeard with ST4, who managed by clever positioning to keep the Hawks boxed into a corner and unable to get out until it was too late.

The Hawks are boxed in.

The Axes up by the lava crossing now had control of the very last chest, and naturally opened it to claim the ball. After a fumble by a Norse Blitzer, a Dwarf Runner grabbed the ball, but the players had big problems as none of them wanted to cross the lava which they had to navigate to get to the Hawks' end zone - the lava which had previously been the Hawks' undoing. In the end, a heroic Human Blizer (player number 1) made a leap across the lava squares and landed nimbly on the other side. The booby trap that was blocking passage here had had the last Chaos Dwarf pushed into it, and had turned out to be a spiked pit trap, and he was therefore in no position to stop the Axes. After the Blitzer had leapt across the lava, the Dwarf Runner passed the ball to him, and the Blitzer ran for the enemy end zone where he scored a few turns later.

The Axes have the ball and are moving out in force.

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