Black Widows vs. Grim Reapers vs. War Hawks - Nov 2012


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Dungeonbowl 3-Way Game Report:

The War Hawks vs The Grim Reapers vs

The Black Widows

Coaches: William (Hawks), Lars (Reapers), Mark (Widows)

For this game, three coaches convened in order to play a three-team game of Dungeonbowl. The teams chosen were the Black Widows of the Dark College, the Grim Reapers of the Amethyst College, and the War Hawks of the Gold College. By agreement between the coaches, two of the teams engaged in some pre-game arrangements. The Black Widows used experimental necromancy to make their team more resilient to injury, and the War Hawks hired an assassin to try and incapacitate one of the Grim Reapers' minotaurs py poisoning his tea. The attempt was succesful, and the minotaur had to call in sick and miss the game.

As the game was about to start, the ratings showed that 46,000 fans were preparing to watch the game on CabalVision. 

The War Hawks are moving out of their end zone.

As the game started and the players started spilling into the dungeon, the Hawks’ Ogre lumbered towards the Reapers. In a feat of vengeful fury, the remaining Reaper Minotaur, partner of the one who was poisoned before the game, launched himself at the Ogre, pushing him into a lava zone, which seriously injured him, burning his hand and causing him a niggling injury as well as having to miss the next game. Ouch.

The Hawks then managed through teleportation to spread out a bunch of Orc Linemen over the dungeon, and set them to guard four out of the six chests. The two unguarded chests were soon opened, but with just explosions, no balls.

The players are spreading out through the dungeon, and the Minotaur is just about to pound on the Ogre.

As the game progressed and players started clashing, more chests started to get opened, and a Hawks Orc Lineman managed to find the ball in the second to last chest. However, it was in an out of the way corner of the dungeon, so getting the ball back to an opposing end zone proved difficult, especially since this section of the dungeon was separated from the rest by a deep chasm that was risky to get near, with the risk of falling in.

The Orc Lineman discovering the ball after several other chests nearby turned out to be booby-trapped.

Not seeming like he'd be able to cross the dungeon with the bulk of the enemy players between him and the two end zones, the Orc ended up teleporting. He landed on the other side of the dungeon and stayed on the teleporter, but while standing there, several other players started teleporting around, starting chain reactions that ended up with the Orc back near the place he started - on the wrong side of the chasm.

At this time, several Skaven Runners, Dark Elves and Mummies had converged on the area, and a desperate three-way scramble for the ball began, with ball possession switching every turn. Players were pushed into a nearby teleporter to get them out of the way, and one Skaven Runner was pushed into the chasm, plummeting into the abyss and getting lost in space.

The Orc with the ball standing on a teleporter near the chasm, as enemies descend upon him.

The dungeon was essentially divided by a line of walls and lava running down the middle, and the two remaining big guys were on one side each. The Reapers Minotaur was pacing back and forth in the middle, trying to keep his area clear and waiting for the ball to come his way, and the Widows Troll was staying back near his end zone, occasionally beating up a lone Skaven Lineman that had tried to sneak into the backfield earlier in the game.

After some back and forth, the ball ended up in the possession of a Widows Skeleton. With an amazing feat of agility, the Skeleton ran across a bridge spanning the chasm, and then passed the ball to a Dark Elf teammate standing on an elevated platform in the middle of the dungeon. Needing a 6, and rolling a 6, it was an accurate pass, and the Elf ran down towards the Hawks’ end zone, with two other Dark Elf Linemen as bodyguards.

The game seemed just about over, but a Reapers Goblin decided to go for broke to try and stop the Elves. He tried to leap across two squares of lava to land on the other side, which he needed a 6 to succeed at, and managed to roll a 6. Climbing the stairs on the other side, he prepared to blitz the Dark Elf ball carrier. He hoped to push the Elf off the platform he was on, but managed to knock them both down instead – which resulted in the ball falling off the ledge and onto a pool of lava.

As Dark Elves ran down the stairs to retrieve the ball, a Skaven Blitzer beat them to it. However, stepping onto the lava, the Skaven was knocked out by the flames, dropping the ball onto a safe patch of ground. A Dark Elf Lineman ran in and grabbed the ball, passing it up to his teammate who was previously knocked down by the Goblin, and who ran the ball into the end zone for the winning touchdown.

The Dark Elf Lineman runs into the Hawks end zone to score the winning touchdown, with the heroically athletic goblin prone behind him.

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