Dungeonbowl Game Reports


Expanded rules and hobby ideas for the board game of dungeon fantasy football

Dungeonbowl Game Reports

This page provides a selection of short retellings of games played by the author as part of the Dungeonbowl: Astrogranite Edition league, which has spanned a number of years.

The primary reason for including them here is to give readers a sense of the gameplay of the format, as the situations described in the game reports really happened during games using the AGE rules for both the game and team creation.

All the reports also include live action pictures taken while the game was in progress. Click on any picture in order to open a full sized version.

All reports featured here were played out by Lars S, Mark D and William B.

  • The Black Widows and The Celestial Comets vs. The Storm Bolts and The War Hawks

- November 2013

This page will be updated as new games are played and new reports are written.

Last updated in March 2018