Green Destroyers vs. Storm Bolts


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Dungeonbowl Game Report:

The Green Destroyers vs. The Storm Bolts

Coaches: William (Destroyers), Lars (Bolts)

The Destroyers were keen to test their mettle once again, and set their sights on another Elf team - the Storm Bolts. The dungeon was dominated by the underground Tower of Doom, a tall structure in the centre of the playing area.

The Storm Bolts won the first turn, and with their very fast players - a trio of two Skaven Runners and a Dark Elf Runner - they slowly started climbing the tower. Meanwhile, the first Bolts player that teleported in was an Orc Blocker, who ended up close to the Green Destroyers' end zone. The Blocker positioned himself to block a set of steps, but the Destroyers simply sent in their Troll (called Grimtroll), who smashed the Blocker down the steps easily.

Grimtroll then stepped onto the teleporter, and ended up in a corner of the dungeon, where he spotted a fast Skaven Runner. Grimtroll tried to go for it to blitz the frightened ratman, but he stumbled over his own feet and caused an unlucky turnover for his team.

A Skaven called Whitemane was by now guarding the chest at the peak of the tower. A few Destroyer orcs started to climb the tower too, but a duo of Dark Elves pounced on an Orc Lineman, pushing him off the second level, and him falling almost 40 feet straight down to hit the ground with a hard thud. Only the orc's unnatural resilience and bounciness saved him from breaking every bone in his body. 

Gradually, chests were opened and all exploded, until there was only one chest left - the one at the top of the tower.

Whitemane opened the chest, grabbed the ball, climbed down a ladder, and passed the ball to a Dark Elf Lineman on the level below. The Dark Elf then climbed down a ladder and onto a bridge that led towards the Destroyer end zone.

The Destroyers' Orc Bombardier sensed that this was his moment to shine. He packed his bombs away, dodged out of an Orc Blitzer's tackle zone, climbed up a ladder, and blitzed the ball carrier, pushing him off the bridge, where the elf was stunned on the ground below.

The Bolts Orc Blitzer that the Bombardier had dodged away from now turned and tried to grab the ball, intending to pass it to a waiting Blocker in the end zone. He fumbled it, but it was grabbed by another Blitzer team-mate of his, who had already moved. It was now the Destroyers' turn to strike back, as the ball carrier was surrounded by enemies and right next to a trap. However, disaster struck - a Destroyers Blocker at the top of the tower went first, and unluckily stepped on a hidden mine trap by accident, blowing himself up. This distracted everyone enough that the Bolts Orc Blitzer could dash off and score the winning touchdown.   

Little money was made by the two teams, so it all went into the treasury. However, the coaches had a great time, as the final shot shows. It's William on the left and Lars on the right.

Say cheese!

Last updated in March 2018