Green Destroyers vs. Celestial Comets


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Dungeonbowl Game Report:

The Celestial Comets vs. The Green Destroyers

Coaches: Lars (Comets), William (Destroyers)

After a some downtime, the Dungeonbowl teams of the Astrogranite League started getting warmed up to play again, and two teams that had not yet faced each other before threw down.

The Destroyers were one man down, as a Hobgoblin had been badly hurt in their last game. The dungeon was small and dominated by a large pool of water in the middle of the dungeon floor.

As the players moved forward, two chests were opened and neither contained the ball. A third chest was being guarded by an Orc Blitzer, and three Comets Elves advanced towards him. In a feat of cunning, the Orc pushed the chest towards the Elves and then opened it, hoping it would explode - and it did. The Orc and the three Elves were knocked down, and one of the Elf Blitzers were KO'd. Smart orc move.

As another chest was opened, it did not have the ball either, so only two chests were left. One of the chests was underneath an elevated platform rising out of the pool and submerged in water. An Orc Thrower was guarding the chest, so the Elven Sorcerer snuck up behind him, and used his magical Phantom Hands spell to open the chest from a distance. However, rather than explode, this chest contained the ball.

A nearby Elven Lineman then tried to get the ball, and succeeded, but then missed a pass to the Sorcerer. Elsewhere in the dungeon, the Destroyers Troll mauled an Elf Lineman and badly hurt him, sending him out for the rest of the game. Near the ball, the Destroyers had a mad Bombardier ready, who threw a bomb and blew up the Elf Sorcerer guarding the ball, knocking him down. The Orc Star Thrower grabbed the ball and passed it to a Hobgoblin, but the pass went wide and the ball ended up scattering to an interesting location - in a corner behind a chest, so it was not actually possible to reach the ball by any means.

The only way out of this conundrum to the Elves was for them to send a Dryad off towards the chest, who pulled the chest from out of the corner so that an Elf Lineman could go in and grab the ball.

However, this move was to be fatal. The Dryad was now standing next to a bottomless chasm, and suddenly, an Orc Lineman appeared from out of a teleporter. The Orc blitzed the Dryad, who was pushed back into the chasm. The Celestial wizards failed to save him, and so the Dryad was lost, falling eternally, as his name was scratched from the team roster.

At this point, a mad scramble to get control of the ball began. As the players began to get weary, the ball was grabbed and fumbled, passed and dropped, as casualties mounted on the Elf side. The Orc Bombardier went crazy, with bombs flying everywhere, and at least one Elf Lineman ending up badly hurt by an explosion. The Orc Thrower was pushed into the same chasm as the Dryad had been previously by an Elf Lineman in an act of retaliation, but the Jade wizards managed to save him, so he was merely temporarily lost in space.

Towards the end, the ball was in the possession of a pair of Orc Blockers. Trying to pass the ball to an Orc Blitzer failed, and an Elf Lineman got hold of it. After an intense battle, the Lineman handed the ball to the Sorcerer, who passed the ball to an Elf Blitzer, who ran in to score and win the game.

After the game, the Destroyers invested in extra training and got a new Team Re-roll, and the Comets simply had to replace the Dryad Runner that had been lost in the chasm.

Last updated in March 2018