Black Widows and Celestial Comets vs. Storm Bolts and War Hawks - Nov 2013


Expanded rules and hobby ideas for the board game of dungeon fantasy football

Dungeonbowl 2 vs. 2 Game Report -

The Black Widows and The Celestial Comets vs.

The Storm Bolts and The War Hawks

Coaches: Mark (Widows and Comets), Lars (Bolts and Hawks)

In a completely new format, we played 2 teams vs. 2 teams, each team with their own end zones and separate turns. The teams chosen wereThe War Hawks and the Storm Bolts vs. the Comets and the Black Widows, and each side was controlled by one coach who controlled both teams. The sides alternated, so we went Widows first, then Bolts, then Comets, then Hawks.

The dungeon was set up so that it contained six chests containing three balls in total, and the game would be decided by which side has scored the most touchdowns once all balls have been used to score, or once the time limit of the game has been reached (as mutually agreed by the coaches). .

The War Hawks Ogre had to miss the game because of his old back injury, and a Hawk lineman was still recovering from the last game, so the Hawks started out two players down.

An overview of the action

Two chests were opened on the first turn by teleporting players, one by a Black Widow Troll and the other by a Hawks Orc Thrower. Both contained balls! The troll's balll was an enchanted ball, blue and sparkly, and the orc's ball was a living ball, in the form of a small angry dog.

The troll guards the enchanted ball

Two Bolts Skaven Runners moved up the middle into a lava area, thinking themselves safe because their opponents were far away. But the Comets Elven Sorcerer teleported in and threw a Flying Fist spell at one of them, which knocked the ratman into the lava, where the intense heat melted the fur and flesh from his bones, killing him horribly. Dramatic start to the game!

The Troll was moments after pushed by a Hawk Centaur into a trap square, which exploded and knocked down the Troll as well as three of the Hawk players. The Troll later stood up and was joined by a teleporting Mummy, and together they guarded the enchanted ball well from the Hawk players, until a Bolts Dark Elf lineman snuck in and grabbed it, and passed it to his surviving Skaven team-mate.

Meanwhile, the Orc Thrower with the living ball was surprised and knocked down by a Dungeon Golem, which appeared out of nowhere when the orc passed too close to a nearby chest, and the dog-ball was loose. An Orc Blitzer grabbed it, but fell over trying to dodge past a Widows Mummy. The ball was then grabbed by a Comets Blitzer, who passed it to a Lineman team-mate to the amusement of everyone. The last ball was eventually found in the lava zone by the Comets, and turned out to be an unpassable iron ball.

A lone Celestial Elf faces off against the Dark Elves of the Storm Bolts

After some furious fighting in the centre of the dungeon, the Skaven with the enchanted ball managed to sneak to one side without being noticed, and he ran off for the Black Widows end zone with nobody able to catch him. After he scored, the Celestial Comets focused their efforts on passing the dog-ball to a nearby Dryad, who in turn ran in to score in the Hawks end zone.

Having run for about two and a half hours at this stage, the game was called for time. The score recorded as a draw with a score of 1-1.

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