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Expanded rules and hobby ideas for the board game of dungeon fantasy football

Dungeonbowl Galleries - The Gold College

This page presents a gallery of pictures of Dungeonbowl models that play for the Gold College, including the historical team the War Hawks.

The Gold Wizards are experts in the Lore of Metal, and have a deep fascination with shiny things. Always trying to perfect the alchemical process to turn lead into gold, but failing, this ironically costs them a lot of money in materials. Being relatively impoverished leads the college to hire mainly cheap greenskin players, with the exception of the Chaos Dwarfs that share the college’s love of metal, and who are usually willing to play for a discount in exchange for alchemical secrets.

The first section contains pictures of the models for display, and the second section contains pictures from games in which Gold College players are featured.

Gold College Model Gallery

Gold College Game Gallery

Last updated in March 2018