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Dungeonbowl Galleries - The Dark College

This page presents a gallery of pictures of Dungeonbowl models that play for the Dark College, including the historical team the Black Widows and the alternative team the Cadavers.

The black sheep of the Colleges of Magic, the Dark College, chooses to not study any of the colours, but rather the lack of colour, which means the dark, primordial magic of Chaos. Their attitude towards science and technology is one of nihilism, that absence of all is the only true reality, and their choice of Dungeonbowl players to hire reflects this. All their players suffer, or benefit, from a lack of mercy, a lack of hope, a lack of intelligence, or a lack of souls and free will. .

The first section contains pictures of the models for display, and the second section contains pictures from games in which Dark College players are featured.

Dark College Model Gallery

Dark College Game Gallery

Last updated in March 2018