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Dungeonbowl Galleries - The Bright College

This page presents a gallery of pictures of Dungeonbowl models that play for the Bright College, most notably their primary team the Blood Axes.

Dressed In flaming reds, yellows and oranges, the Bright College is the college of heat and fire. Their personality is both blazing and fiery and of a violent determination. Perhaps because of this, the college is drawn to Dungeonbowl players that are tough, hard, and savage. Traditionally their favoured races have been dwarves and humans, but in recent years the Bright Wizards have also begun recruiting the primal lizardmen, likened to fire-spewing salamanders and great red dragons.

The first section contains pictures of the models for display, and the second section contains pictures from games in which Bright College players are featured.

Bright College Model Gallery

Bright College Game Gallery

Last updated in March 2018