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Expanded rules and hobby ideas for the board game of dungeon fantasy football

Dungeonbowl Galleries - The Amethyst College

This page presents a gallery of pictures of Dungeonbowl models that play for the Amethyst College, most notably their primary team the Grim Reapers.

The College of Amethyst Wizards studies the Lore of Death, and is surprisingly relaxed and non-evil for a death cult, being more sombre and authoritarian than anything else. Concerned with many aspects of physiology and health, it is a college of undertakers and surgeons. Bizarrely, they choose to employ only savage and brutish races on their Dungeonbowl teams.

The first section contains pictures of the models for display, and the second section contains pictures from games in which Amethyst College players are featured.

Amethyst College Model Gallery

Amethyst College Game Gallery

Last updated in March 2018