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Dungeonbowl Galleries - The Amber College

This page presents a gallery of pictures of Dungeonbowl models that play for the Amber College, most notably their primary team the Storm Bolts.

Amber wizards are creatures of the wild, born in caves and mountains and raised by bears and wolves. Shamanistic and feral, they are the most primitive and primally aggressive of the colleges of magic. In a classic Dungeonbowl paradox, their teams tend to be some of the most disciplined and efficient ones around. The most favoured race of the college is the arrogant Dark Elves, with their lesser lackeys and minions being scruffy and savage races like Orcs and Skaven.

The first section contains pictures of the models for display, and the second section contains pictures from games in which Amber College players are featured.

Amber College Model Gallery

Amber College Game Gallery

Last updated in March 2018