Dungeonbowl Galleries


Expanded rules and hobby ideas for the board game of dungeon fantasy football

Dungeonbowl Galleries

The gallery pages linked below show a collection of pictures of models, terrain and tokens used in the Dungeonbowl: Astrogranite Edition league games so far.

The models in these galleries were all painted by the senshichamber admin (Lars). The base intent of the collection of models has been to stay within the era of Blood Bowl second edition, when Dungeonbowl was originally released, as much as aesthetically pleasing. The models of other origins are either from later Blood Bowl ranges, from other Games Workshop games (mostly Warhammer, some 40k), from other miniature manufacturers, or sculpted by Lars.

All galleries show the pictures in a table in thumbnail form. Click on the individual thumbnail to open and see the full picture.

College Galleries

All the College galleries feature pictures of their original College teams, as described on the Team Profiles page, and some of them also feature models from alternative College teams.

Other Galleries

The galleries below show pictures of mixed College players, or of the dungeons themselves and their contents and game aids.

If you have any particular models, teams, races or terrain you would like to see more of, please email admin@senshichamber.com with your suggestions.

Last updated in March 2018