Dungeonbowl Expanded Rules


Expanded rules and hobby ideas for the board game of dungeon fantasy football

Dungeonbowl Expanded Rules

The Dungeonbowl: Astrogranite Edition rules that expand on the basic rules cover a variety of subjects, supplementing almost every aspect of the game. The expanded rules can be divided into the following subsections.

  • Base Rule Modifications and Additions: This section gives a selection of rules that directly modify or supplement the basic rules of Dungeonbowl and Blood Bowl, i.e. the rules for how to move around, how to attack other players, and how  to interact with chests and teleporters.

  • Dungeon Features and Variables: This section is all about how to make a Dungeonbowl dungeon more interesting. This includes ideas and rules for how to make your dungeon multi-level, and how to add features like traps, water, and chasms to your rooms and corridors.

  • Wandering Monsters: This section provides an AGE updated version of the rules for how to add a variety of monsters to your dungeon to stalk and menace the players, based on the article originally published in White Dwarf Magazine.

  • Referees, Infractions and Incentives: This section contains suggestions for rules related to what you are and are not allowed to do in Dungeonbowl (officially). This includes both how to add referee models to the dungeon, how they send players off, and behind-the-scenes action like hiring assassins and bribing the press.

  • Secret Weapons, Sorcery and Magic Items: This section builds on the previous section, and provides rules for furnshing players with illegal weapons, illegal spellcasting powers, and illegal magic items.

The above are the rules that deal with how the game itself is played. Rules for how to construct teams to play the game with that are based on the Dungeonbowl background can be found in the Dungeonbowl Teams, Races and Players section.

Last updated in March 2018