Expanded rules and hobby ideas for the board game of dungeon fantasy football

Orcs, dwarfs and humans clash in the dungeon.

Welcome to the Dungeonbowl: Astrogranite Edition website.


This website was created to do two basic things.


  • To present and promote the board game Dungeonbowl as a game and a hobby.
  • To be the home of a set of fan-written expansion rules for the Dungeonbowl, that current or prospective players can peruse and use if they so wish.


What you may want to ask at this stage is...


What is Dungeonbowl?


Dungeonbowl was/is an expansion to the popular hobby board game Blood Bowl, the game of fantasy football, released by Games Workshop. Blood Bowl was originally released in 1986, and was most recently re-released as a boxed game in November 2016.


Blood Bowl is played with hand-painted hobby miniatures, themed around a fantasy parody of American football. The Dungeonbowl variant sets the game in an underground labyrinth filled with tunnels and teleporters, pits and chasms. The goal of the game is to first locate the ball in a hidden chest, and then use that ball to score a winning touchdown.


What is Astrogranite Edition?


Astrogranite Edition (AGE) is simply a cute name that I came up with to describe a set of expanded optional rules I wrote, the intent of which is to make Dungeonbowl feel like a more immersive and fleshed-out independent game.


There are basically two sections to these expanded rules. The first section is about additions to the core rules - how to create a dungeon, what the players can do in it, and so on. These rules suggestions can be found in the Dungeonbowl Expanded Rules section of the website. The second section is a suggestion for an expanded system for creating teams of players for the dungeon. These suggestions can be found in the Dungeonbowl Teams, Races and Players section of the website.


If you prefer to download and print the expanded rules instead of browsing through them online, you can download a PDF version here:


Dungeonbowl: Astrogranite Edition PDF (last updated: 21/jun/2015)


In addition to the rules content, the site also contains galleries of models and dungeons that I have built and painted, which are not related to any rules specifically but just the game in general. There is also a section with game reports of games played using the expanded rules. You can browse these sections using the navigation menu on the left.


I hope you enjoy this site as a fan monument to Dungeonbowl, and any comments can be sent to me (and will be appreciated) at admin@senshichamber.com.

Last updated in June 2017